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Onya Grandpa

	A boy is eating breakfast with his grandfather one morning,
and the grandfather notices the boy playing with some kind
of chemical in a test tube. The boy pours the chemical on
a worm and the worm turned hard as a rock. The grandfather
says, "Son, what is that you're putting on that worm?"
The boy replies, "I'm not sure. Something I mixed up. But
everything I put it on turns hard."
So the grandfather says, "I'll make a deal with you...let
me borrow some of that, and if it does what I think it will
do, I'll leave you $5 on your breakfast plate in the morning."
The boy says OK, and goes off to school. The next morning
when the boy went down for breakfast he had $25 on his plate.
He says, "Grandpa, I thought you said you would leave me
$5 if that stuff did what you thought it would do."
The grandfather replies, "I did, son....the other $20 is
from Grandma!"

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