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Cruising in a Subaru WRX

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This article is a simple reference on how a WRX owner drives to Brighton on Sunday nights. Firstly your WRX must be a 98 model onwards so people can see the updated front bar, If you are really sik you will
replace the fog lights with sti light covers.

When u go to Brighton it must be between 8pm and 10 pm on a Sunday night this is when all the sick cars come out of their hives,your car must be lowered at least 2 inches, have 17 inch wheels as a minimum and some form of loud noise must be emitted from your car whether it's the 4 subwoofers in your boot, or your 3.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust, either way people will not turn to look at your sik car unless it sounds loud.

If possible, organise with your cousin Mohammed and his friend from school, Ahmed, to drive behind you in their own cars, and remember you must be the leader of the pack in your sik WRX.

Behind you should be a rotary of some sort then a Lancer or a gti. And remember yours must be the loudest.

Your plate number should be the black and yellow NSW plates, usually showing your stupid mentality by having something like FULSIK ,2NVME or YULLAH. Then if you see a car coming opposite you that looks sicker than yours remember you must NOT turn your head, only move your eyes so as to not satisfy the other drivers ego, only when he has driven past u can you then take a quick look at his car and resume driving.

Remember you must attempt to get stuck in peak hour traffic on Bay St., this is usually around 9:30 pm.
The crowd that stands outside Oporto's will look at your fulsik, lowered, turbo, 3pac enamel, window
tinted, colour coded skirts, auction job car with awe and amazement and wonder where you got the money to buy such a car.

Usually they will think that you are a drug dealer or you and your cousin Mohammed are panel beaters and go to mindare auctions every Wednesday and scoop up all the cars. People will think it's a show car then some one will recognize it and say they see it at Bankstown Square every Saturday morning.

After you have paraded for a good 10 mins on Bay St., turn on to Grand Parade. Remember try to get caught at the lights, and when u do turn the music off. This will give the huge crowd crossing a chance to hear your beautifully refined engine and hear the rumble of the exhaust, and they will definitely think you are sick because you are original and have the music off, they will think you are getting ready to thrash your auction job car.

Note: Make sure that you drive at night so people cant see the dodgy paint job you and your cousin Mohammed did after you bought the car from the auctions. As you turn on to Grand Parade red line your car and let go and make sure people hear the whoosh of the turbo, now as everyone has heard your turbo you can then drive easily with the knowledge that your ego is satisfied.

Don't try to drag because your car already has 3 of your cousins and 2 of your friends and you would lose
if you did try to drag.

Remember a sik WRX owner always performs at least 3 laps around Brighton and must be seen within a pack of other done up cars, Approximately once a month you can park your car and get out to get something to eat, usually a kebab or Oporto's, but normally you are there to do happy laps.

If you see MR-WRX you must attempt to stay as close to him as possible, this way people will think you are his friend. And remember because you drive a WRX your mobile phone should be a minimum of a Nokia 8210 or Ericson t28s, and you must have a custom ring tone usually you would have downloaded it from And you should receive at least 3 SMS messages from your other wog "friends" so your wog friends in your car think your really special. Usually though it's your mum and she wants to know where you are, and when you're bringing her car back.

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