Controversial Australian boxer Anthony Mundine yesterday confirmed the truth 
behind persistent press rumours that wedding bells are in the air for the 
man by announcing plans to marry the love of his life, himself. 
Speaking in front of a mirror at the Redfern gymnasium where he trains, a 
glowing Mundine said that he feels that he's ready to make a lifelong 
commitment to himself. "I've been in love with myself since childhood, and I 
know in my heart that I'm the one for me. I could never love another the way 
I love myself and I made myself the happiest man in the world when I agreed 
to marry me," said a clearly smitten Man, flexing his muscles and blowing a 
kiss at the mirror. 
When asked how he feels when his loved one fights, 
Mundine revealed a rarely seen sensitive side. 
"Every time I fight, the last thing I do before I go out is have a private 
moment alone where I kiss myself and pray to Allah for my safe return," said 
Mundine. The Man admitted that he never watches himself fight because he 
finds it too harrowing. 
Mundine told reporters that he popped the question to himself on impulse 
during the emotional aftermath of his recent knockout victory over Guy 
Waters. "I was dancing around, gloating over Waters' unconscious body, 
making that cut throat gesture, when I suddenly realised how much I love me 
and the question just popped out. I had a few nervous moments there while I 
considered the proposal, but when I heard myself saying yes to me I was the 
happiest man alive... praise be to Allah". 

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