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Here are the funny pictures that people email to me, enjoy.

Airline Jokes
  Absolutely Ansett
  How to build a plane
  Mandarin Airlines
  Mr Gay
  Ohh shite
  Safety Briefing
Assorted Freaky
  69 Streetcorner
  All your base / Who wants to be a millionaire.
  Barrel o' Fun
  Chicken Nugget From Hell!!!
  Colombian road crossing
  Dirty wife
  Easter roadkill
  Employment Ad
  Every mans dream
  Found by border patrol 1/2
  Found by border patrol 2/2
  Good wife's guide
  Heavenly match
  I have to cut back on the caffeine
  I wish THESE were brains
  Nice letter
  Ohh too cold!
  Only the dog knows for sure
  Pepsi vs Coke
  Perving is good for a bokes health
  Proof that girls are evil
  Rock climber
  Taby Tote
  Team work
  The need for speed...
  The perfect woman
  The Worlds Longest Tongue
  This is Irony??
  Toxic fumes
  Weight loss secrets
  Why men shouldn't babysit
  Woman driver
  Wussup babe!
Assorted Jokes
  Another blonde moment (kleenex)
  Anyone seen my head
  Baby boy
  Beach humor
  Birth Control
  Coke test
  Copying a file... another blonde moment
  Crop circles
  Email line up
  Every time you masturbate...
  Ferrocious Bitch
  First time ever
  Fishtank humor
  Gay Spiderman
  Get my email?
  Help me
  Honesty on the Internet
  I said..
  Igloo contractors
  Interesting ads
  K9 Danger
  Loaded hairdryer
  Lunch time drink
  Male pregnancy
  Mans first thought
  Marital problems
  Marriage counselor
  Marriage license
  Men vs Women - an engineers view
  Muppets from the 'hood
  New Zealand ready for war
  Nice art
  Queen Mum alive and well
  Show me yer...
  Staff meeting
  Tasmanian Drivers Application
  The Innocence of 50's Advertising...
  Unfortunate accident
  Used encyclopedia
  way too much bundy for this bear......
  When pumpkin's eat too much
  Will work for food
  Yoda: The Early Years
Assorted Signs
  Cell phone asshole
  Church sign
  Cinema sign
  Dead end
  Exercise notice
  Famous last words
  Flower Add
  Golf Balls
  If you worked here how would you answer the phone
  Keep out unless
  Malaysian signs - bathroom
  Malaysian signs - caution
  Malaysian signs - shoplifting
  Malaysian signs - spitting
  Malaysian signs - steep
  McDonalds - now hiring
  Men at work
  Never ever give up
  No dumping
  No parking this side
  No smoking
  Police targeting
  Race sign
  Thanks for parking..
  Top 10 road signs
  Traffic lights
Australian Jokes
  Monopoly Mt Druit Edition
Bad Day at The Office
  Navy seal
Bin Laden
  Bin Laden Found!
  Bin Lager (warning Australian humour)
  Dr Evil Bin Laden
  Melbourne Cup Hat
  Mr Been Laden
  Objects in mirror
  Osama Bin Ladin Found
  Osama come home
  Osamas in Pajamas
  Sand castle winner 2001
  South Kabul
  To The Taliban
  Usama B and the Afgan Massive :)
  Where is Bin Laden - a game for kids and the CIA
  Who wants to be a millionaire
Computer Jokes
  Choose adminspotting
  Microsofts New Keyboard
  Our computers are down...
Creative writing
  Japanese-English 1/3
  Japanese-English 2/3
  Japanese-English 3/3
Cute pictures
  Helping hand
  no one escapes customs checks here (cute)
  Xmas toys
M$ Windoze jokes
  Assisted suicide
  At last an Aussie version of Windows
  Dog tip
  Grovel wizard
  Hidden Windows Settings
  Paper Clip hint
  Photoshop plugins
  WinBros Wetherill Edition for sik lebos
  Word tools
  Never let muppets drive 1/3
  Never let muppets drive 2/3
  Never let muppets drive 3/3
News clippings
  "yes, the operator should have seen the deer.."
  'Save the whales' trip cut short after boat rams whale
  1989 Thunderbird
  Artificial Christmas Tree
  Beautiful engagement ring
  Dentures For Sale
  Dog found
  Latest Research
  Mattress for sale
  Psychics predict
  Puppies for sale
  Rottweiler free to good home
  Sewerage spill
  Single male seeks...
  Time to put a cork in it
  Trees stolen
Optical Illusions
  A face or an Eskimo?
  Are the horizontal lines parallel?
  Count the dots
  How many legs?
  Patio illusion
  Shrinking haze..
  Which circle is bigger?
Red Neck's
  Redneck highrise
  Redneck house boat
  Redneck mobile home
  Redneck motor boat
  Redneck swimming pool
Speed Camera Legends
  Bikie @ 93 Km/h
  dato @ 72Km/h
  Learner motorcyclist @ 139 Km/h
  suzuki moon @ 74Km/h
World Cup Soccer
  Half Time Snacks for the World Cup Opener in Korea
  Why Argentina lost 1/2
  Why Argentina lost 2/2
  Why Brazil beat Turkey!
  Why Portugal, Italy and Spain Lost
  World cup celebrations
Xmas jokes
  Christmas turkey
  Santa & Rudolph
  Santa accident
  Santa robber
  Santa strike
  Schmitt house
  Small chimney
  Snow babe

Updated - 4 May, 2002